The Laney Grey handjob video link

The Laney Grey handjob video linkThe beautiful 24-year-old Laney Grey is here to make our day! She has been in adult entertainment for four years, and she looks better than ever. Her long nails suggest a great handjob could be ahead. When asked if she can handle giving a handjob and climaxing at the same time, she happily replies that she can certainly give it a twirl. Just my kind of gal!

Before getting down to business, Laney takes a few minutes to discuss her handjob past; once upon a time, she gave a director a handjob while riding with him in his car. Although this ended when the car got into an argument with another car, if you know what I mean? However, she still loves being the passenger princess, as it suits her style.

To move things along, Laney begins stripping off her clothes to display her curvaceous buttocks and toned thighs that earned her a few jeers during high school, but not so many anymore! Her nipples are also praised highly by her partner, so take not of that should the opportunity arise, you dig?

Furthermore, watch as Laney moves on to masturbating before covering her partner’s knob with oil. As he nears orgasm, she teases his balls with her nails until he is ready to release multiple loads.

The link to the Laney Grey handjob video in its full is there for you to click on. Please enjoy responsibly!

Beach Babe

Beach Babe

Wearing a diaphanous white gown that becomes transparent when wet, Gianna Rossi explores her sensuality and her eroticism in the surf and the sea, fingering herself in the rolling tide. This video comes close to looking like a European art film. Definitely a change of pace for Gianna. In this video, it’s just Gianna and the sea.

“The water was like a hot bath,” Gianna said. “I love spending as much time as I can in the ocean. I love places like this.” She believes that people should do their own thing and not be influenced by others. Gianna’s philosophy is “Live, love, laugh.”

“I’m a lot of things. I’m a lot of things from my past, I’m a lot of things from my present. My present is what it is, so accept it and deal with it and make life the best you can.”

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