AMA with Danica Danali

AMA with Danica Danali

XLGirls: Did nicknames about your boobs bother you at all or make you feel self conscious about having big boobs?

Danica: No. It made me laugh. The main thing I remember was “tig ‘ol bitties.” They used to say that to me all the time.

XLGirls: And do you like having such large boobs?

Danica: I do, but I’ve never had small boobs so I don’t really have much basis for comparison.

XLGirls: Do you like to have your boobs played with?

Danica: Yes, I do.

XLGirls: What kinds of things do you like to have done to them?

Danica: Anything, really. Just as long as it’s nothing too hard or fetish-crazy.

XLGirls: Are your boobs or nipples really sensitive or not so much?

Danica: My nipples are very sensitive. So light pinching is okay, but I don’t like anything harder than that.

XLGirls: Do you think your breasts are a big part of the attraction with men you’ve dated?

Danica: Oh, yes.

XLGirls: So they’ve been boob-men.

Danica: Yes, definitely. And they’ve had no problem admitting it either.

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Liv Revamped stars in a double handjob video

Liv Revamped stars in a double handjob video
Latina chick Liv Revamped is the bright and shiny star of this post, and for those that have yet to have had the pleasure of being familiar with Liv’s body of work as a pornstar of some fame, then you are in a for a treat, as Liv is a sweet treat that is best savoured via a lingering look at her naked charms, which you can do by lifting her eyes to the picture up above.

Now then, seeing as we have the preamble out of the way, it is time to get down to the serious business of dropping a link to watch Liv Revamped give a double handjob. That’s all…cheers!