A woman of few words and many, many orgasms

A woman of few words and many, many orgasms

Suz, who’s 50 and from Northern Georgia, generally isn’t a woman of few words, but she doesn’t say much in this video. She mainly moans a lot. She starts out by rubbing her pussy through crotchless panties, and when her stud shows up, she licks her lips, and we don’t get a lot of vocalization out of her until the dude starts licking, then fucking, her pussy, at which point Suz says stuff like, “Oh, fuck, yes!” Of course, Suz doesn’t say much when she’s sucking cock, either, which is understandable considering she has a dick deep in her mouth.

Some more information about Suz: She was born in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. She’s 5’4″, 120 pounds with measurements of 34-26-36. Her sexual fantasy goes like this: “I’m cooking dinner, and someone comes up behind me and starts kissing my neck, then touching me, and we wind up doing it in the kitchen.”

That someone, by the way, doesn’t have to be her husband.

Suz once had sex on deck during a booze cruise in Jamaica. She sucked and fucked. The crew and a bunch of other people watched.

“I like to be watched,” Suz said.

And that, gentlemen, is all the invitation you need.


Defying the laws of big boobs

Defying the laws of big boobs

Here at The SCORE Group, we know tits. And one thing we know is that boobs look better when a woman is wearing a dress or shirt with straps. Straps lift and support and make tits look bigger, and rarely does even a busty girl look super-busty when she’s going strapless.

Well, today, Arianna proves that there’s an exception to every rule. Because she’s wearing a strapless dress, and yet her tits look as big as ever.

Of course, Arianna also lends her rack a helping hand. Check out photo #12, which is one of the most amazing cleavage shots we’ve ever seen. How many times in your life have you gazed upon that much cleavage? You should also check out photo #55, which is about as good as it gets when it comes to big-tit/spread pussy shots. Her G-cup naturals are huge (looking even bigger than a G). Her pussy glistens.

By this time, Arianna’s dress has come off. She’s not wearing a stitch of clothing. She’s spreading her ass cheeks and offering up her asshole for your inspection. If you ask us, that’s how Arianna looks best.

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Teen pornstar Britt Blair gives a handjob

Teen pornstar Britt Blair gives a handjob
This update features petite teen pornstar Britt Blair getting buck naked and then proceeding to jerk off a somewhat large cock. Truly an update that one can get their everything into, as Britt is a spunky little platinum blonde that just loves everything about sex, and takes to jerking dicks like a duck takes to water, so stay tuned as a link to all the action is scheduled to appear in the near future.

Speaking of near futures, well here we are, and if you’re wondering where the link to watch Britt Blair jerking a dick is, well…you just went on by it, so here is another link to the Britt Blair handjob video. You’re welcome…