Buxom pioneer from Romania

“The important thing is to love each other and the rest will be perfect,” Joana Bliss has said. The mellow, blissful one should have been a politician. The world would be a much better place. “Love makes me feel sexy.” … Continue reading →

Good gosh, Miss Holly Garner

“I like yoga,” beautiful blonde Holly Garner said. “I enjoy painting, spending time with my dog and cooking.” SCORELAND: Holly, what style of bras do you buy? Holly Garner: With my size in Russia (70JJ), I buy underwear choosing from … Continue reading →

Busty blonde Tristan Summers chimes in with a handjob

Leave it to busty blonde Tristan Summers to step up to the plate and deliver a handjob when it matters the most. Like you, I too am thankful AF that this workweek is over and done with, and one can … Continue reading →

At the car wash with Kelley Kay

A girl, a car, a garden hose and warm weather. These are the elements that make for a happy day. In fact, this is how the weather should be presented on morning television, don’t you agree? This pictorial was so … Continue reading →

Danielle’s SCORE sex explosion revisited

In 2005, Danielle Derek did her first hardcore scene ever, for the movie SCORE Sexplosion. The scene starts with her in the pool, wearing a tiny bikini that her tits are busting out of. Meanwhile, a gardener is working on … Continue reading →

Personal Assistant Alex Coal

29 year old brunette beauty Alex Coal is the kind of personal assistant we all need to employ. Pushing papers and taking care of this that and the other thing are all important things to have taken care, of course; … Continue reading →

Your new secretary has huge boobs

In these photos, Arianna Sinn is your new secretary. Considering how she’s dressed, you’re probably not going to get any work done, but, hey, you don’t hire a girl like Arianna because of how many words a minute she can … Continue reading →

As tight as tight can be

Mandy Monroe, a 51-year-old wife, mother and grandmother, is back for more. More anal sex later in the week and, today, more showing off of her perfect, tight, MILF body. Mandy is wearing a bikini a lot of women her … Continue reading →

Reading the signs

The little wall decorations behind Elizabeth James read, “Laugh,” “Believe” and “Love.” They should read, “Great Ass,” “Nice Tits” and “Fuck A Lot.” Elizabeth, a 23-year-old insurance office clerk who’s originally from Iowa, has a great ass, nice tits and … Continue reading →

What happens in Emma Shay’s bedroom does not stay there

“Women like her are the reason I subscribe to this website. Large natural tits, big ass and pale skin (I love all skin types, though). Nothing fake on her.” “She is without a doubt up there with Codi Vore. Absolutely … Continue reading →